I am where I am. And I am who I am. On that place that ends with spot. austereseeker.blogspot.com. I mean I quit rediffblogs in a huff when their servers acted pricey once too often. Adjustible, that’s me.

The day I give up history and baggage, I’ll shift. Until then, hop over. All welcome.

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first step?

Have I joined the exodus?Not yet.Staking a claim, perhaps that’s what this is.

Maybe I shall post both places for a while.

This has to be a major tech foul up, no one is so vela as to manually check through millions of blogs, yet this has happened….hell.Maybe as a society we take so much nonsense, so much bs, that our tolerances are out of whack.Different thresholds. So action that prompts a walk out elsewhere, a fuming walk out, elicits merely a stiff protest.

Just a thought.

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